The Practice

Global Veterinary Services (GVS) opened its doors in October 2010. 

The practice was set up by Andrew (principal vet) and Christine, (practice manager) Andrew's wife.

Andrew has more than 25 years’ experience in the dairy industry. (21 spent in the Waikato). He is one of the most experienced veterinary ultra sound scanners in New Zealand and is also an extremely skilled and astute clinician. His other veterinary expertise includes work in the deer industry, extensive work in the Hamilton Zoo, and overseas consultancy work.

Andrew completed a post graduate diploma in Business Management in 2009 and decided the best way to put in to practice his business management skills, was through a vet practice of his own, so he and wife Christine set up Global Veterinary Services.

Christine and Andrew converted an old warehouse style building, in the Gordonton Village, into a veterinary clinic. After many hours with scrapers, paint brushes, builders, and so on, a great clinic emerged! Christine continued to develop the marketing and staff support while Andrew grew the client base. The building is constantly developing as the practice grows and is currently undergoing a re-fit in the treatment room to upgrade the facilities further still.

Our business philosophy:

  • to be vets you can trust

  • to operate with integrity, in life and business

  • to operate with honesty and transparency

  • to maintain excellent communication between all stakeholders.

Our core purpose:

    •    we are committed to success

    •    we are specialists in animal welfare

    •    we aim to offer the best service

    •    we are education focused

    •    we aim to offer the most comprehensive range of animal care in Gordonton

    •    we aim to have a successful values based veterinary service

    •    we are committed to the community we serve.

Our brand promise:

‘Great clients deserve great vets’

We are a business where people and long lasting relationships are vitally important. Our goal is to foster business relationships that last the length of your working life. We want to provide continuity of service with all of your animal’s requirements. In particular we want you to know and trust the vets who work with you.

We all look forward to working with you!