Practice Manager

Chris is married to Andrew so has been around involved with all things vet for over 20 years. She began her involvement with Global Veterinary Services before it opened, as Andrew developed a business idea. She quickly took on the challenge of being an integral part of the bigger plan, developing the marketing strategy, clearing out an old warehouse, painting, planning and on to the practice development. 

Her professional background has been predominantly in nursing, with various roles in hospital based nursing, tutoring nursing, public health, and medical practice nursing.

Chris recently completed a social science degree majoring in education and research and is very passionate about education and opportunity for those who have not been able to receive a formal education.  In particular, an education in an agricultural area, which would in turn contribute to an agricultural-based community in difficult circumstance becoming more profitable.

After accompanying Andrew on his trip to Kyrgyzstan she was particularly motivated to search out how to support agricultural education for people who are passionate about farming but constrained by circumstance.

In 2011 she travelled to Italy with the GVN foundation, attending a conference entitled ‘be the change’ to further her knowledge for developing such a programme.  She is currently interested in a programme in Africa where there may be opportunities to support agricultural education, which will, in the future, assist profitability for farming families.

Outside of GVS Chris is involved in the Red Cross emergency welfare team in Hamilton. A team set up to assist communities who experience the effects of natural disasters such as earth quakes and flooding.


Red Cross New Zealand

Chris has current red cross training.