Small animal service

Companion animal

Global veterinary services is 15% companion animal and zoo work.

The companion animal services meet the local Gordonton communities need for a companion animal service, focused on disease prevention and health education. 

What the companion animal service offers you:

  • General consultations - all companion animals

  • Companion animal vaccinations

  • Blood testing/urine testing/other laboratory diagnosis

  • Microchipping

  • Anal gland expressing

  • Cat castrations

  • Sedations for small to moderate procedures

  • Euthanasia/burial/Cremation

  • Nutritional advice

  • Worm and flea applications

  • Referral/integration with Hamilton veterinary services or  with registered specialists

  • An integrated approach to your large and small animal care.

Travelling with your pets this summer

Here are some tips for car trips

  • Take several short rides to pleasant places before attempting a long one.

  • Always keep a current ID tag on and a snug collar (and lead on hand).

  • Secure the dog in the car anddo not allow it to ride in the front seat as airbags are a hazard.

  • Travel with a dish and some water – ice cubes are great treats.

  • Carry a first aid kit for yourselfand your pet- towels and bandages including gauze and tape are useful.

  • Keep the windows rolled up high enough as to not allow the dog to squeeze out.

  • Avoid feeding your dog withinthree hours before a ride and a hardy walk prior to departing allows them to relieve themselves as well as tiring and calming them.

  • Natural remedies which mayhelp car sickness include ginger, cooled peppermint tea and rescue remedy. Sedative calming agents need to be prescribed in a veterinary consult.

  • Be prepared for sickness by covering seats, having towels and cleaning things.

  • It is better to avoid letting dogs stick their heads out of windows to prevent injuries particularly to eyes and ears.

  • Finally avoid leaving your dog in the car alone. Heat stroke can kill.


Animals matter in disasters


This web site includes free downloadable disaster packs providing practical advise for; dogs, cats, small animals, horses and assistance/guide dogs.

In a disaster things happen quickly and without warning. That is why the right time to make a disaster plan is now. Before you and your pet could possibly loose each other forever.